We currently offer five solutions:

1.  FREE Risk Profiling, Asset Allocation and Financial Goal Planning: “Your Dreams, Our Mission”

  • In your free financial planning report, you get your risk profile and recommended strategic asset allocation.
  • We evaluate your risk profile, which shows your risk capacity and risk perception based on a simple 20 question questionnaire.
  • Consistent with your risk profile, we recommend tailor-made strategic asset allocation, with pictorial representation of allocation of your funds across asset classes and broad recommendation on how to further invest within the asset class.
  • You can use our free services to plan your financial goals like retirement, children education/wedding, Life Insurance, Health insurance or simply how to build wealth.

2. Comprehensive Financial Planning: “Investment without goal is akin to journey without destination”

  • Our premium Comprehensive cash flow based financial planning service, provides ready to implement financial planning report, running into 25+ pages, at nominal cost of Rs.1000 only!!
  • Just fill in a data sheet and get your personal balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement prepared to guide your future decisions.
  • This is an end to end solution including Investment planning, Integrated Financial goal planning, Expected cash flow stream during your retirement, Expense rationalization and much more.
  • Our greatest strength is our objective financial advice. We are a pure fee-based service provider and we don’t earn any commission from any mutual fund/insurance company.

3. LV Investing: The New Mantra of Winning Through volatility cycles

  • The objective of this flagship Portfolio advisory product is to have significantly less volatility than the relevant Index portfolio, while delivering returns matching or exceeding the benchmark over a full market cycle.
  • Suitable for
    • Investors looking for equity market returns at distinctly lower downside risk than that of the benchmark indices.
    • Investors willing to build long term wealth for retirement with significantly low drawdowns during market crashes.
    • Investors looking for diversification in their existing portfolio of equity mutual funds that are typically known to outperform during rising markets.
  • Investors looking for core-satellite portfolio approach with low-volatility stable core and other alpha-seeking strategies as satellite portfolio.
  • Within the conservative investing framework, we offer the high dividend yield or higher returns with momentum etc. as per requirement.

4. Quantitative Value Investing: “Using quant to separate Value stocks from falling knives”

  • The objective of this unique portfolio advisory product is to generate superior risk adjusted performance compared to the benchmark portfolio by capturing value premium investing in value stocks with strong fundamentals.
  • Who should invest?
    • Investors willing to build dynamic value portfolio based on value philosophy by picking true value stocks and avoiding falling knives.
    • Investors looking for core-satellite portfolio approach with low-volatility stable core and other alpha seeking strategies as value investing as satellite portfolio.

5. Portfolio Healing: “Towards healthier, sustainable portfolio”

  • Portfolio restructuring and rebalancing solution to convert investors’ bruised equity portfolio into winning, healthier and rewarding portfolio.

Portfolio Healing Process:

To let you know the financial health of the firm on criteria including profitability, leverage and liquidity and operating efficiency, we offer one number – fundamental score (F-score) on the scale of 10 for each of your stock.

We offer you factor attractiveness rank for your stocks from identifiable universe based on low volatility, value and momentum factor.

Based on profitability, growth, risk and quality criteria, we offer you recommendation on sell, retain or switch based on relative attractiveness of your stocks.

If required, we will suggest you an entirely new portfolio to meet your customised objective.

Characteristics of Rejuvenated Portfolio:

Our suggested healed portfolio is well diversified, low risk, quality portfolio with high potential to offer benchmark beating and stable long term returns on risk adjusted basis.