We offer a comprehensive financial plan covering each financial aspect of your life in detail so that you can achieve your goals with a clear actionable plan in tune with your risk profile and according to your cash flows.

Highlights of India’s most Comprehensive Financial Plan:

  1. Ready to implement, detailed financial plan spread over 30-40 pages, with key features such retirement simulation output and the probability of success for your financial plan prepared based on most realistic assumptions consistent with your risk profile.
  2. Get advice on ALL your financial queries and stay prepared for ALL your goals.
  3. Free one-time review after six months.
  4. Personal expert consultation regarding any queries during the implementation stage of the plan.
  5. The complete review of asset allocation and existing portfolio of clients with specific action points that helps meeting your financial goals.
  6. Objective unbiased financial advice based on “Fee-only” model and we don’t earn any commission from the distribution of any financial products.
  7. Implementation support like Direct funds purchase etc. provided.
  8. Actionable advice with the names of funds, stocks, policies etc.

Pricing: Rs.5,000 only per Comprehensive plan for a family.
Sample Plan: You can download the Sample plan and have an idea about it.

Sample Comprehensive Fin Plan_Individual