The objective of the strategy is to have significantly less volatility than the relevant Index portfolio while delivering returns that meet or exceed the reference benchmark over a full market cycle.

Investment Process

Focus on low risk, high-quality stocks to build a low-risk portfolio with broad sector diversification within low volatility mandate.

Portfolio Characteristics

Strategies and Benchmarks: Strategies Benchmark
LV Dynamic Top 30+ Nifty 200
LV Dynamic Top 50+ Nifty 500
LV Midcap+ Nifty Midcap
Customized Factor-sensitive LV Benchmark to suit the requirement [Only for corporate] Appropriate benchmark
Risk & Return Target: 20%-30% less volatility than corresponding benchmark (capitalization weighted index)
To meet or exceed returns of the benchmark (capitalization weighted index) over a period of the full market cycle
Investor Fit: 1. Investors looking for equity market returns at distinctly lower downside risk than that of benchmark indices.
2. Investors willing to build long-term wealth for retirement with significantly low drawdowns during market crashes.
3. Investors looking for diversification in their existing portfolio of equity mutual funds that are typically known to outperform during rising markets.
4. Investors looking for core-satellite portfolio approach with low-volatility stable core and other alpha-seeking strategies as satellite portfolio.

Historical Performance (Unmanaged Index):

Please go to Waves Indices page to check the indicative performance of Low volatility strategy with respect to benchmark index portfolio.

To see our performance track record from 2004 to now, please visit –

InvestmentWaves Waves LV30 Index Performance Track record

Advisory Fees:

Pricing of LV Investing
Investable equity corpus (Rs.) One time upfront portfolio construction charges Annual Renewal advice and execution charges
Above 50 lacs Contact Us 0.75% to 1.25% Only
Above 25 lacs Contact Us 1 to 2% Only
2.5 lacs – 25 lacs 1 to 2% Only 1 to 2% Only
Less than 2.5 lacs or SIP 1 to 2% Only 1 to 2% Only

*Quarterly rebalancing charges are only for portfolio rebalancing advice. Quarterly charges are applicable on the daily average portfolio value at the end of the quarter. Rebalancing advice will be provided only after the credit of money in InvestmentWaves account. While regular portfolio rebalancing takes place once in a quarter only, the client may need to do some minor rebalancing on the monthly basis if some of the stocks fail to meet investment criteria.

Transaction-related charges will be borne by the client in case of client managed or well as investmentWaves managed accounts. In InvestmentWaves managed accounts we execute trades in clients account only. We advise clients to open a separate trading account with a discount broker to minimize the impact of transaction costs. The performance with respect to benchmark is purely on pre-tax and prior to transaction cost basis.

*There is no guarantee that the investment objective will be met.