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Multi-Asset Portfolio

One-stop solution for all your investment needs

What we do

We take care of the main investment questions- what, when, how and how much. We decide what vehicle to invest in, when to invest and for how much time, how to divide investments and how much to invest each time.

Investments are diversified into different asset classes accessed through low-cost, tax efficient investment vehicles. We offer personalied asset-allocation and investment management solutions tailored to your financial goals and risk profile.

We follow smart rebalancing to annualy rebalance your portfolio to restore target asset allocation. Our all wealther multiasset portfolio offers you smoothest possible path towards achieving your financial goals.

Where we invest

Large Cap Indian Equity

Bond Investments

Mid Cap Indian Equity


Small Cap Indian Equity

Smart Beta ETFs

US Equity


Additional Services

  • Free IPO advice

  • Active exploitation of buyback opportunity to boost performance

  • Annual rebalancing to restore target asset allocation

  • Tax harvesting and bonus stripping for every stock

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