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Why Us?

Just the tip of the iceberg, get in touch with us and you'll know why we would be the best fit for you


High Quality,Low cost
Objective Investment Advice

Strong Research backbone

We offer wholly client centric investment advisory we avoid behavioural biases since our portfolio involves stock selection through a screening process which involves no scope for subjective decisions and thus, avoiding all human biases that generally lead to errors and therefore, losses

Our Founder holds a PhD in Capital Markets and Finance and has performed years of research on developing the strategies that we use in our portfolio. All of our clients' portfolios are personally handled by the founder. Alongside this, we have 6 years of successful track record

Customised solutions for your financial needs

Every person has not only different needs but different capacity and tolerance for taking risk. Even if two people have and require the same amount after x number of years, their portfolios will be different according to every client's individual risk profile.

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